THE BOOK OF LIGHT teaches: Man should not reign over man.

It is the year 22 AD BDL, 22 years after the BOOK OF LIGHT, for THE BOOK OF LIGHT was published in 1991 of the current era. Why now the new era? Because it introduces a new age, the reawakened age of wisdom, which replaces the age of faith. The human history of the past millennia, burdened with religious and social conflicts of the worst kind, taught us, that man is unable to rule over man. It only leads to conflict and suffering. Once there was peace on earth among ALL beings, because ONE KNOWLEDGE ruled, about origin and destiny of man and the universe. This knowledge scattered, though guided by adepts, into the different religions, sciences, philosophies and legends of today, and split humanity into warring groups. Now the time has come to unite all religions, sciences and philosophies under that one knowledge again, and thus end suffering on earth. This doctrine, which is the core and the synthesis of all religions, sciences, philosophies AND legends, is reawakened in THE BOOK OF LIGHT, dictated to me by the Maha Chohan. OM. THE BOOK OF LIGHT can rightly be called "The Book of Books and Savior of Mankind", because it will unite all beings in the universe again and lead them towards their common goal, NIRVANA.

So it is written, and so it shall be.

LANOO (Christian Anders)